Creativity & Innovation Day, organized by Dept of CSE, on 13 Jul 2017
Date of the Event: 13-07-2017
Convenor: Dr.A.Srinivasan
Staff Coordinator: Mrs.G.Malathi, Ms.L.Oormila
Student Coordinator: Mr.N.Deepak, Ms.R.Haritha, Mr.M.Krishna, Ms.B.Pooja, Mr.A.Vinoth, Ms.K.Sreevithyaa

The college has celebrated the "Creativity and Innovation Day". Students are asked to actively participate in the event and made it successful. The day was organized with the prior permission and guidance of Principal and Management.

1) Dream Organizers:
Prelims: (Situation handling)- 2 per team
• Situations were given on spot and students were asked to answer it.
• Each was given 5 minutes of time to analyze the questions.

• A set of GIF was displayed.
• Students were asked to say creative story with a moral with those GIF.

2) Beyond The Dιcor:
Prelims: (Creative models using waste)- 2 per team
• Waste materials are brought by students (common waste Materials etc..)
• Models had a concept that was based on the general creative and Title was given to your model.

• Models were made using the technical waste.

3) Planit4u:
Prelims: (Project)- 2 per team
• Students presented their project papers(paper presentation).

• Innovative projects related to department or own creativity was done by the students.