Industrial Visit Report, Livewire, Chennai, organized by Dept of CSE, on 25 Jul 2017
Name of Industry: Livewire, Chennai.
Date of Visit: 25.07.2017, Tuesday.
No. of Student: 27
Year / Semester: II / III
Faculty Coordinator: Mr.V.Prabhu, Mr.K.Anbuthiruvarangan.

The Department has arranged an industrial visit to LIVEWIRE, Chennai. for II Year students of Computer Science Engineering. The visit was organized with the prior permission and guidance of Principal and Head of Computer Science Engineering Department.

Details of visit:
In live wire they provided us wide knowledge about ITS, IT, Networking, System administration and also about the job opportunities for those fields. We learnt much about the qualifications required for the job such as system administrations and about networks. We had a virtual view of the message that is transferred in the network through the Cisco packet tracer. And finally they gave the idea about various job opportunities in IT sector and also the gap between the students and requirements of the IT industry. We learnt many new things and had a wide knowledge about the courses of various departments in the IT sector. It was much useful and they taught us in a better way of understanding.