Internal Student Technical Symposia - “TEKZONE ‘19”, on 17 Aug 2019
Thangavelu Engineering College in Karapakkam, Chennai organized the Symposium Tekzone 2k19 on 17.08.2019 (Saturday) for the students. The college Trustee Ms.K.T. INDIRA and the chief guest Mr.B.SHANTA KUMAR Both lighted the lamp and inaugurated the Symposium. The Principal Dr.M.VENKATESAN welcomed the gathering MS.K.T.INDRA presented presidential address to the gathering.

During the presidential address she mentioned that while students participate in these types of symposium, they will improve their diversity skills. She also pointed out that the students must do hard work to win in the symposium, even if they don’t win, the hard work will gain them knowledge. Following these Professor Mr.V.PREM KUMAR of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering submitted the opening report of the symposium. In the report he told that 280 students submitted Paper Presentation and creativity ideas related to their departments. In the report he mentioned that more than 350 Students Participate in different competitions. The Trustee of the college Ms.K.T.INDRA honored the special guest Mr.B.SHANTA KUMAR with a momento. Following this special guest Mr.B.SHANTA KUMAR addressed the gathering.

During the speech he cited various quotes for students on how to develop skills. He emphasized that students should study to achieve something in their fields and to learn new technologies, rather than to score. He also said that he was an alumnus of the college and shared with everyone the good memories of the college. He recalled some assertions, as we read, the college chairperson Mrs.JAYANTHI THANGABALU visited the classroom and encouraged us in various ways. Chairperson Mrs.JAYANTHI THANGABALU’s advice was to impress me and get me to this high position. Following this, the student’s symposium was inaugurated by the special guest Mr.B.SHANTA KUMAR. Finally B.Santhakumar Released E Souvenir of internal students technical Symposium –TEKZONE 2019.

In TekZone -2K19 symposium ,in ways to express the talents of the students, various competitions were organized like Engineering Technologies ,Engineering Equipment design, Construction Techniques, Electrical Engineering designs, Applications of the computer Department, The role of Engineering in the development of modern industry ,Students show cased their skills in a variety of Categories, including Engineering Quiz .All the competitions were held individually.

The closing ceremony of the evening seminar was chaired by Mr.P.R Noel Francis Senior Project manager (prodapt solution PVT LTD Chennai). Most of the students took part in the competitions and showed their talents. Prizes and Complementary Certificates were awarded to students who excelled in the competitions.

Professor Ms.M.Uma, department of the English submitted the results of the symposium. Students Submitted 128 paper presentations and new creative articles in different fields in the presence of eminent judges 49 articles were selected by the eminent Judges.

The college principal Dr.M.VENKATESAN honored the special guest Mr.P.R.Noel Francis then the special guest Mr.P.R.Noel Francis addressed the gathering pursuing the special address he advised the students should develop their speech skills and elaborate on the importance of English Speech, and beautifully illustrated the beauty of time and labor. He said that failure is temporary and students take the time to understand that working hard on time will only lead to lasting Success.

Large number of students took part in competitions and showed their talents. The awards were given by Mr.P.R.Noel Francis for winners with gift and merit certificates .Ms.Mehanaz Begum second year computer Science Engineering student proposed the vote of thanks. Then the symposium ended with the National Anthem