Industrial Visit II, III & IV year, Department of ECE, on 19 Aug 2019
Name of Industry: RETECH Solutions, Tambaram, Chennai.
Date of Visit: 19 Aug 2019
No. of Student: 58
Year / Semester: II, III, IV / III, V, VII
Faculty Coordinator: Mr.K.Premkumar, Mrs. Premakandasamy
The Department has arranged a visit to RETECH Solutions for IInd, IIIrd and final Year students of Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering & Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The visit was organized with the prior permission and guidance of Chairman, Principal and Head of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department.
Learnt about
  1. Various current Trending Technologies.
  2. How to become an entrepreneur quickly
Abstract of Student Report
First and foremost we render our heartfelt thanks to our management, principal and staff for arranging an industrial visit on 19.08.2019. We went to RETECH solutions located at Tambaram.
We learnt about the basics of transistors and chips, about the various emerging technologies and real life applications of existing technologies.
They gave us an introduction about 3D printing and explained very well. They explained us the construction, working and the output of the 3D machine &2D plotter. It was very interesting and it was new to learn those things.
They also explained us practically and they showed us a demo i.e. 3D printing in wood, glass.