Industrial Visit III & IV year, Department of Mechanical Engineering, on 16 Aug 2019
Name of Industry: Toshniwal Hyvac Pvt. Ltd. Irungattukottai, Sriperumbudur - 602 117
Date of Visit: 16 Aug 2019
No. of Student: 12+36 = 48
Year / Semester: III/IV, V/VII
Faculty Coordinator: Mr.N.Manojkrishna, Mr. Ramesh Kumar
The department of mechanical has arranged a technical visit to Toshniwal Hyvac Pvt. Ltd. for IIIrd year and IVth year mechanical students. The visit was organized with prior permission and guidance of Chairman, Principal and Head of the Mechanical Department.
Learned about
  1. What is a vaccum pump and how does it work.
  2. How it is constructed and its working.
  3. What are its applications.
Abstract of Student Report
First and foremost I thank our Management, Principal and Staffs for arranging an Industrial Visit on 16/08/2019 to Toshniwal Hyvac Pvt. Ltd.
They gave us an elaborated view about how a vaccum pump is constructed and how it works. They showed us the machineries used to construct the vaccum pump and enlightened us with the applications of the pump. The guides were quite friendly and were able to clear most of our doubts instantly when the queries were asked.