National Level Technical Symposia Virtuza 2019, on 14 Sep 2019
Thangavelu Engineering College in Karapakkam Chennai organized a National Level External Symposium Virtuza 2k19 on 14.09.2019 (Saturday)

The college Trustee Mrs.Indra Gopinath lighted the Kuthuvilakku and inaugurated the National Level External Symposium. Following this, V.Santhosh of 2nd year CSE department welcomed the gathering. The co-ordinator Mrs.G.Malathi presented the opening report. During the report, she mentioned that from many college’s 288 students participated in the paper presentation and totally 118 papers were submitted in different departments. Following this, Mrs.Indra Gopinath presented the presidential address to the gathering. During the presidential address she explained the importance of learning new technologies to the students. She pointed out that the students must take right steps to develop our nation. She also mentioned that while students participate in these types of symposium, they will improve their skills.

The Trustee of the college Mrs.Indra Gopinath honoured the special guest Mr. Govindan Selvam with a momento. Following this Mr.Jaya Suriya of 3rd year mechanical department introduced the chief guest Mr.Govindan Selvam , G.K Power Expertise Pvt Ltd. The Chief guest Mr.Govindan Selvam addressed the gathering. During his speech he cited that all the technologies are developed for our purpose, so the students must develop interest in learning new technologies. He also pointed out that the students should not only take interest in studying but also take in interest in social problems like water scarcity and find solutions for them. He also explained the difference between usage and wastage and he mentioned about the implementation of water conservation and advised us to reduce the excess usage of resources and for preservation of the natural resources. He pointed out that students must understand their responsibilities to implement the quality of products. Our college Trustee Mrs.Indra Gopinath inaugurated the symposium by opening the E-Souvenir. Vote of Thanks was proposed by Ms.Vimala of final year CSE department.

The closing ceremony of the national level technical Symposium was chaired by Mr.D.Srinivasan Senior Vice president , Yes bank limited , Mumbai and also alumni of Thangavelu Engineering College. Most of the students took part in the competitions and showed their talents. Prizes and Complementary Certificates were awarded to students who excelled in the competitions.

Students from various colleges, our college students, staff, HOD’s and Dr.M.Venkatesan, Principal of Thangavelu Engineering College, were present at the National Level External Symposium Virtuza 2k19.